Sijainti: Pääsivu / The wolf hunt in Norway jeopardizes the vitality of the Scandinavian wolf population

The wolf hunt in Norway jeopardizes the vitality of the Scandinavian wolf population

The large-scale wolf hunt in Norway puts the whole Scandinavian wolf population’s vitality in danger. The Norwegian climate and environment ministry has permitted a licence to kill 75% of the Norwegian wolf population. This means altogether killing 42 of the 56 wolves in the land.*
The wolf hunt in Norway jeopardizes the vitality of the Scandinavian wolf population

Photo: Teppo Lahti

This large-scale hunting of the wolves is a very irresponsible action. The wolf is extremely endangered in Norway, and the Scandinavian wolf situation has been critical for very long time due to inbreeding. Instead of killing, Norway should concentrate on prevention of predator damages.” Says the Nature-League´international wolf campaign manager Francisco Sánchez Molina. 

The large-scale wolf hunt in Norway gives the impression that the country’s political policy-makers want to destroy the wolf totally from Norway. The majority of Norwegians relate positively to the wolves according a public opinion poll. 

“Over 20 wolves have already been killed or injured in the ongoing hunt. The Norwegian government listens too much to the hunters in the wolf issue", says veterinarian Siri Martinsenthe executive director of the Norwegian animal rights organization NOAH. 

The situation for the Scandinavian wolves is made more difficult due to their moving between countries and the individuals that arrive tthe reindeer herding area easily automatically killed. 

“For the future of the whole Nordic wolf population it would be important that there is a secured possibility to roam from Finland to elsewhere in Scandinavia. This requires that the wolves are allowed to settle also into Finnish Lapland”, says Nature-League’s manager Sami Säynevirta.   

The Nature-League’s Wolf Action Group organized a support demonstration for the Norwegian organizations in front of the Norwegian embassy in Helsinki on Friday January 19th at 14 o’clock. The demonstration demanded a cessation of the wolf hunt in Norway. Supportive demonstrations were held in addition to Finland also at least in Sweden, Switzerland, Latvia Croatia, France, England, South-Africa, Estonia and Lithuania.

In Norway, animal rights and nature conservation organisations organized a demonstration in Oslo in front of the parliament on January 20th 2018. The Norwegian organisations are also collecting names for a plea to stop the wolf hunt in Norway. The petition has been signed now by more than 90 000 people from different countries.  

* The hunting quota concerns only the wolf population that lives entirely in Norway.  

More information: 

Francisco Sánchez Molina, International wolf campaign manager, The Finnish Nature League, 044 516 6227 (In English) 

 Sami Säynevirta, Manager, The Finnish Nature League040 560 7303, 

 Siri Martinsen, Executive Director, NOAH, +47 959 444 99,  

Petition to stop the wolf culling by the Norwegian organisations: 

Norwegian NINA’s (Norsk institutt for naturforskning) survey about citizens attitudes about wolves: