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Tiina Kivinen

Tiina Kivinen (b. 1971) is one of the most interesting artists in the new generation of art graphic makers in Finland. Her works are spacious and luminous. Earlier Kivinen was mainly known for her nature subjects but lately the human figure has emerged as a more important theme. Quite often she depicts things and creatures that are small and hard to notice and therefore get neglected and mistreated.

An intensive, velvety black is usually the key element in Kivinen’s work. The dramatic, mythical colour is produced with mezzotint technique. In mezzotint the metal plate is systematically roughened with special rockers so that the ink holds well. Then some areas are smoothed so they appear lighter. Kivinen also uses monotype and etching techniques.

”Haluan, että sudella on oma paikkansa osana suomalaista luontoa. Tulevaisuudessakin suden ulvonta kuuluu luonnon ääniin.”