Sijainti: Pääsivu / Embracing Coexistence

Embracing Coexistence

According to the Habitats Directive of the EU, the Finnish grey wolf is a protected species. As the conservation of biodiversity has become a global issue, efforts are now being made to restore wolf and other predator populations that were persecuted in the past. Wolves have a very important role in the ecosystems in which they live. They improve their habitat and increase the populations of countless species. Wolves help keep their prey populations healthy and vigorous by reducing the old, sick and injured. Finland should celebrate the presence of these remarkable predators and encourage responsible ecotourism in the areas where they live. The present situation for the wolves in Finland is so severe that if public opinion doesn´t change, Finland could be left with no wolves at all. Through our international wolf awareness campaign #GREYPRIDE we strive to promote the peaceful coexistence between wolves and humans in Finland and Europe.