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Åland Islands: let the wolves live!

The Ålands belong to the Natura 2000 network, EU's nature and species protection areas. Nonetheless their autonomic government is trying to change the law and allow the deliberate killing wolves.

During the course of the previous winter, wolves have wandered from continental Finland to the Åland islands. Wolf packs have tried to settle in the islands before, but they have always been shot.

Times are changing and nowadays there are many alternatives to protect people and domestic animals from any possible damage caused by wolves.

The grey wolf is a strictly protected species in the whole of Europe and the same EU directive on the protection of species applies in Åland. However, the islands´ autonomic government wants to change the law. If this happens, it would be permissible to kill a wolf suspected of threatening domestic animals. Informing the police once the wolf has already been killed would be enough.

The Åland islands markets itself as a nature reserve and a great holiday destination, nonetheless, they have been recently taken to European Courts for allowing the shooting of birds in spring.

Wolves should either be allowed to live as part of the Åland´s nature, or be anesthetized and relocated to, for example, Sweden or Finland. The latter would also help the Scandinavian wolf population as they are in severe need of new genetic influx. The expansion of wolves to the west is also a result of the impossibility for them to move towards the north, given the zero tolerance policy to predators enforced in the reindeer-herding areas of north of Finland and Scandinavia.

Please write to the Åland Provincial Government and demand that they let the wolves live one way or the other. These animals are just trying to find a place to live.

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Åland har en speciell natur med varierande landskapIfall lagförslaget om akut skyddsjakt går igenom 

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