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Five senses nature path at Rovavaara

Rovavaara is one of the remaining patches of old growth forest on the Inari Hiking Area. The pine-grown hill of Rovavaara rises high above its surroundings, spreading a peculiar wilderness atmosphere.

The area offers changing landscapes and biotopes, and some unusual nature formations. Due to the differences in elevation, the hiker climbing to the top of the hill can see the robust pines gradually be replaced by mountain birches. Old logging stumps and a nesting hole for the Goldeneye tell about the human history in the area.

The Five senses nature path at Rovavaara was founded in 2009. The path doesn’t have a traditional marked trail or signboards. The checkpoints telling about the nature and history of the area (11 of them) can be found with the help of their coordinates and of a GPS device. The descriptions and associated tasks of the checkpoints can be found in the path’s PDF brochure.

The route between the checkpoints is approximately 2.5 km long and is located about one kilometer from the nearest marked trail. The area can be reached by car from the Inari village along the Angeli and Rovajärvi roads, and by foot from the Rovajärvi-Otsamotunturi and Riutula-Otsamotunturi trails. In the end of the Rovajärvi road is a parking lot, from where the path can be easily reached. If one is staying at the Rovajärvi cabin, the quickest way to reach the path is by rowing across the lake.

The best time to visit the nature path is the summer, but from spring to fall the nature will always reveal some interesting features. Since there is no actual physical path, the minimum equipment you need regardless of the season is water-resistant shoes.

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