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Announce a change

Osoitteenmuutokset, tilausmuutokset, erot, perhejäsenten lisäykset

Please use this form if your address has changed, you want to make a change in your order, you no longer want to be a member of the Finnish Nature League or you want to add a new family member.

You can use this form to declare changes to be made in our registers.

Here, you can give your new address, switch your magazine, order a second magazine (+ €8.40 for members) or discontinue your membership of the Finnish Nature League.

Please feel free to e-mail us at toimisto[at] if you have any questions about your membership.

* The fields marked with a red square are mandatory.

Announce a change   Please choose which change you want to announce:

Contact information If your address has changed, please enter your OLD address (the one currently in our register) here.
New address If your address has changed, please enter your NEW address here. If your address has not changed, please leave the fields below blank.

Siblings can become additional members without any additional charge. You can also choose a magazine for each family member at a price of €8.40/volume.

Please enter the actual member's information above so that we will be able to add the family members into the records of the correct member.

Please enter the names of the family members, their years of birth and the magazines you want to order for them (if any) into the field below.