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Become a member of the Finnish Nature League

By becoming a member of the Finnish Nature League, you can participate in our versatile activities. All members will get our wonderful children's magazine Sieppo or our youth magazine Nuorten Luonto, which has a fresh view on the latest news. The 32-page Sieppo is published six times per year and the whopping 40-page Nuorten Luonto four times per year. (The magazines are in Finnish.)

Members will also be able to purchase all of our materials and participate in our camps and training events at a lower price. Your membership will be valid until you terminate it. Please click here to see all the member benefits

The Finnish Nature League is a nation-wide non-governmental nature and environmental protection organization for children and the youth. The membership of the Finnish Nature League is mainly meant for people between the age of 1–29. Remember that siblings can become additional members without any additional charge.

The subscription for members is €28 per year. Become a member now by filling out the form provided. You can also buy the membership for another person as a gift (but remember to ask their permission first)! 

If you don't want to become a member but would like to subscribe to the Sieppo or Nuorten Luonto magazine, please click here

Photo: Emilia Raunio